Acronyms and Abbreviations in Aviation

Aviation abbreviations & acronymsOne thing I run across a lot in the aviation industry is acronyms and abbreviations.  Sometimes one item can have several different ones.  A perfect example: RTSC, RTS, AWC, ARC, Form 1, 8130…   They all mean the same thing.. Release to Service Certificate.  It can be the FAA 8130, EASA Form 1, etc.

AC – it can mean Aircraft and Advisory Circular.

AMC and AMOC both mean Acceptable Means of Compliance.

Most Airlines and MROs also have their own set of internal acronyms and abbreviations.

Here at Avion Trace Group, we make sure we convey what we mean when discussing issues with our clients.  We want to alleviate misunderstandings and recognize the importance of clear communication.  We will also ask for clarification if we are not sure about an abbreviation or acronym.

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