Avion trace specializes in aircraft due diligence

Can Your Internal Records Department Handle the Unexpected?

Avion trace specializes in aircraft due diligenceAvion Trace Group has worked with airlines, lease and supply companies that have internal records departments.  They will hire us to assist with over flow or due diligence projects that are time consuming for their internal staff. 

Sometimes even the best ran department can come across hiccups.  An illness or how about those parts that have documentation issues that your department may not have the time to address?

Avion Trace Group has been hired to go over documents prior to selling off a part of their fleet; this way, they know what is missing and can have their staff put it together before listing for sale.  They have found that this process will expedite the due diligence and sale of their assets.

Last summer we assisted a client when an employee went on maternity leave.  It makes more economical sense to hire us to fill in than to hire from a temp agency where you will have to take the time to train the individual anyways.  Or do nothing and watch as moral drops due to over worked employees.

Leasing and Investment companies have hired Avion Trace Group to assist when their internal records department has a lot going on especially when they have internal inventory for repairs.

Sometimes, internal records departments just need a little more help.  We aren’t here to take work away from your department; we are here to assist your department because we understand that Back-to-Birth trace needs to be accurate and complete.



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